How cliché are you?

Sometimes I wish I could return to kindergarten, when days were endlessly filled with paintings, midday naps and playtime. I giggled all day as precariously as the kookaburra in the gumtrees that swaying above the playground. Everything was simple, joyful and imagination budded freely to become mud cakes, princess castles and tree houses. I was constantly spoiled by toys and delicious treats by grandparents and as the eldest in my family, everyone adored me. At age 5, life was perfect.

Now I have delved into a world of apprehension and confusion, anxiety and stress. An evolving world of falsehood and ‘idealistic’ beauty that challenges our values and personality. A world that provokes all to follow the ‘trend’, become the new ‘it girl’ and be remembered as an idol. We embrace and we battle, become a follower or a trend setter. We never settle for being the same or okay, only for the best.
Everything comes down to one thing – popularity. The media, peers and people of power influence our idealistic views but in the end we make our own choices, to be judged or not to be judged. Dare to be different or ‘fit in’.

But I mean come on, how cliché are you?

I call on you to muster the courage to break out of your continuous habits. Take that leap of faith to do something you never have the strength to do…

  1. Talk to someone who intimidates you.
  2. Stop wearing things that your friends all wear, and create an outfit that you enjoy wearing.
  3. Sign up for a class or sport that you’d like to try but everyone else doesn’t do.
  4. Ditch that phone and talk to people at lunch time, try not to have conversations just revolving around the media.
  5. But most importantly begin to do those things that make you the most happy and don’t worry if your friends judge you – their not true friends if you can’t be yourself around them.

I was a follower of others in the high school hierarchy of stupidity, but lately I’ve begun making choices to stop following the trend, change friendship groups and not to worry about being judged…

“If people judge others, they are uncertain about their purpose or worth in an environment therefore feel the need to show others their authority”

I hope this blog will not only help me to reveal my true personality and spark by writing about my taste, passions and views on our society but also help others to be brave and ‘dare to be different’.

By Bella Jade (more…)


fff by bellajade2015 featuring a ribbed tank Chloé striped Monki ribbed tank32 AUD – Blue skirt32 AUD – Leopard print flat43 AUD –

Passion 4 Design

I love clothes… I love to wander throughout stores for hours, (not obsessively >3) and pick out items that please me. I get such a satisfaction buying clothes I know I will wear to “bits” haha and feel beautiful in. Creating an outfit is like a painting, you don’t have to get everything perfect but the overall aurora/image has to be ‘stunning’. Whether casual or rugged, to classy and elegant, there is such diversity when it comes to clothes: the fabric, lust, cut, trim, embellishes and texture. Everything is so exciting and fresh (washed:)).